Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. We may earn a commission through links on our site. There was, and the electrical engineer from San Diego went on to found ChaseCam, now arguably the gold standard in solid-state onboard video. Hollywood has also taken a liking to the recorders, Discovery Channel in particular. The basic components are a oz.

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This is useful if you do multiple files and want them to always be a unique filename. Use the directional keys to change the settings and enter to save. Do not guess at a serial number, it will not work! Serial numbers have to be supplied from the factory. The module is sold as either an internal or external device. The internal module needs to be factory installed. If your unit does not have the GForce module, you will not see the menu option. Page Gforce Record Trigger If the white switch lever is pushed toward the middle of the PDR, then it is set to not come on automatically.

If it is pushed to the outside, then the unit should power up anytime it senses external power being applied. Using an eight AA cell pack will allow you to use standard alkaline batteries and run a PDR and camera from the eight batteries for approximately 4 hours. ChaseCam offers external battery packs.

Earlier brackets were 1. Brackets can also be mounted to our SM30 suction cup base for easy mounting in cars or to roll bar clamps supplied from ChaseCam.

Once the bracket is securely attached, insertion of the PDR is very simple. Use the plug in terminal block. Or upgrade to a —R unit. You need the ChaseCam adapter cable, or upgrade to one of our cameras. Page Video Blurry Video. Is the camera focused? Can you check the video on some other device?

ChaseCam can refocus cameras we sell, or we can offer instruction for the person who wants to attempt this. ChaseCam and our partner companies intend on developing various accessories to enhance the PDR. Please check back at our website, or sign up for our ChaseCam mailing list, to be made aware when new items are released to the market. This manual is also suitable for:.


Product Review: ChaseCam PDR100

The problem though, is which unit to buy? First, let me get this out of the way: Start saving now. Second, stop looking at other systems. No more "real time" video encoding to your computer- just drop the CF card into a card reader and drag-and-drop them over to your hard drive. Standard settings record in x NTSC with 6 different quality settings for compression. At full size "normal" compression, you can expect your videos to use about 2 GB per hour, and vary accordingly if you change the settings up or down.


ChaseCam PDR 100 User Manual



ChaseCam HD: More resolution, smaller package


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