Tygokazahn This is done using the standard Fsceless methods. This method is very similar to the setUnits float, int method, except that the user scale is stored with the PDF. Set the license key for the library. Get the progress of the render method running in a different thread. This will scan the entire document and determines the full list of features that it uses. Create a new FormButton element, and add a single annotation at the specified position.

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Kagamuro Using this method it is easy to create invalid PDF documents, so use with caution. The size is specified in points. This method return either the primary or secondary ID, depending on whether the primary parameter is true or false. Return the document-wide JavaScript, as set by setJavaScript java.

If the key name begins org faceless pdf2 xmp: Which page box to display when printing the document. Restore the state that was saved with the oeg call to org faceless pdf2. Begin a paragraph of text. The parameter to this method is the Org faceless pdf2 to use for these parallel operations, or null to use the Org faceless pdf2 Library default. Set the action to perform orgg the specified event occurs. If more accuracy is needed you can get the exact page dimensions by calling the getBox java.

An interface which can be used to query the progress of a load of a page in a Linearized Daceless. This affects any further graphics operations to the page — drawing lines, text, images and so on. Create pdd2 button which zooms the document out to the next level. Return document meta data as set by setInfo as a String. The lines marked in bold could apply to any method of serializing the XML. This class enables the extraction of text and images from a PDFPage. We do not recommend it for new development.

PDFCanvas This class represents a the visible content of a ofg, annotation or similar. This is the most powerful way to add text to a page, and has a number org faceless pdf2 advantages. Create annotations that handle Rectangle AnnotationShape objects. Note that setting the Locale will automatically org faceless pdf2 this value to an appropriate value. A special feature to enable internal frames inside the viewer.

Package org. A special feature that creates the toolbars in the PDFViewer. Defines a PropertyManager which checks the Org faceless pdf2. A parameter to newPage String to create a new landscape A4 faxeless — xmm. Apply an Affine Transformation to the page. Set the orientation of the page. However, due to the vagaries of floating point arithmatic, if you want to rotate the page back to where it was, the results may not be identical.

Represents the standard Acrobat encryption algorithm, both bit and bit variants. An abstract superclass for any widgets that require a region to be selected. A Placeholder can be used pvf2 mark a point in the PDF which needs to be updated after org faceless pdf2 signature has been applied.

A class representing a Box, org faceless pdf2 of which make up the visible content of a LayoutBox. Note this resizes the window to fit the document, not the other way round org faceless pdf2. The text to be drawn may contain newline characters, which have the predictable effect. Og data passed into this method is now parsed and used to update the Info dictionary so the two sources of Metadata are kept in sync.

Specified as a java. Create a new FormChoice element with an annotation at the specified location. Related Articles


Faceless Pdf2

Package org. Annotations must be added separately by calling the addAnnotation org. As with any map, the keys must be unique — we recommend adding files using their filenames as keys, like so:. Create a new page of the specified page size that is not connected to any document. A comb can be used when a fixed number of digits are to be entered into the field — the digits will be spaced evenly along the field, so that they appear to be entered into a box. Represents a side-panel in a DocumentPanel. The specification is available for download here.



Import org. This is the value set by the setActionorg. Event, org. PDFAction method.



Prior to version 2. Since 2. Subject The subject of the document. Keywords Comma separated list of keywords associated with the document. Creator If the document was converted to PDF from another format, the name of the application that created the original document from which it was converted. Must be "True", "False" or "Unknown". This can be done be specifying the key name as xmp:ns:attribute, where ns is the recommended namespace prefix as specified in the XMP specification and attribute is the attribute to set.

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