There is truly a lot of good information contained in the "fictional auto-biography". I love the second half of the book that includes the qualitative comments about the effects of the drugs at different dosages with different routes of use. Lying to ourselves is no path for enlightenment. This is the first door yet discovered, other than "stalking the wild pendulum" by Bentov that is a self discovery of the truth of the universe, and the experience of existence. All phenomena is a change through chemical reactivity.

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Start your review of Pihkal: A Chemical Love Story Write a review Mar 31, Dimitris Hall rated it it was amazing Sometimes you read some books you think everybody should read, if only just so that they can correct their misconceptions on certain things. Alexander Shulgin was a researcher of psychotropics which he had been inventing in his laboratories and testing on himself for almost half a century.

Actually, no; merely calling him that would be like describing J. Bach simply as a Baroque musician. The field as a whole would be much poorer. He was one of the most important beacons of reason, curiosity and tenderness on this topic, and that is why I wanted to get my hands on PihKAL: anything written by Sasha is required reading on this subject.

The day after I started reading it, there was news that Shulgin had passed away - at the age of 88 and after inventing and trying hundreds of successful and not-so-successful "drugs", no less.

In their remote but blessed corner of the universe they tread new ground and wrote all about it. It was epic. Read this and come back to me mumbling something about wanting to keep it natural and chemicals-free.

I dare you. The first two should be easy enough to read if you want to get a feel of what it was like reading these highlight-worthy quotes. They serve as aesthetic enhancements of the review. Optional, but there for you if you feel like it. There is no such thing as safety. Not with drugs and not with anything else. You can only presume relative safety. Too much of anything is unsafe.

Too much food, too much drink, too much aspirin, too much anything you can name, is likely to be unsafe. Quotes really do a better job at reviewing themselves than I ever could. Metal bed-frames and plaster walls, and an occasional white coat carrying a clipboard.


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