Buy yours today! Learn what to look for in a racquet stringer and all about our Klippermate. Just wanted to send a note complimenting you on a great product in the Klippermate. My in-laws gave me a Klippermate at my request about 8 or 9 years ago. Since teaching myself from your instructions, I have strung countless frames over the years.

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Gazil Klippermate Stringing Instructions Manual The machine is very easy to learn to use and is easy to use; according to Klipper the machine has a day money back guarantee, is the only stringing machine made in the USA, is the most accurate stringer made, has an unlimited lifetime guarantee on the machine and manyal, comes with a complete tool kit including lifetime guarantee on the steel string clamps, easy to follow step-by-step instructions, stringing patterns and toll-free technical support by their racquet specialists and comes with a free string and grip package!

The first time stringing took me a while. My first racquet took about 1. It has exceeded my expectation. Then I started the work step by step slowly by following the manual. If something fails to work, have Klippermate replace it. Jeff, May 7, Very easy assembly almost none. I strung average times a year in the last 15 years. I am not sure I am stringing at 60 lbs, but I am sure that each string job seems to be klipprmate consistent as the next.

Klippermate Manual — Board I think they hit the mark. Plus 3 free strings, a free overgrip, and great booklets that include information about how to string, affects of tension, and affetcs of string guage. It is a two point fixing system that works relativeley well with slippage occuring within the last couple of strings, but was remedied by putting felt on the clamps. Tabletop, dropweight, 2 floating clamps, 2 point mounting. I would choose another model from Klippermate, the one with fixed clamps, to reduce any tension loss.

It may not be as accurate as a professional machine but you have to do the cost-benefit analysis for yourself. Note that the information on this page reflects the personal subjective opinion of the evaluators. Scott Adams, February 22, Please let me know. I more than paid for this within 6 months kanual the racquetball courts. Ordered on Saturday, received on Tuesday — no assembly required. My average is about 25 min for a midsize.

And if you ever are confronted with an obstacle with grommets, string SNAFU, they give you all the tools for successfully stringing your racquet. It comes with a life time warranty and I have no plan to change to different models.

The problem is that I called about 3 months ago and asked for a free replacement klippefmate was denied because I do not have a receipt. I am now moving up to a spring tension stringer by Gamma. Klippemrate, September 8, I also recommend buying the Klipper strings and grips. Table top, drop weight tensioner, floating clamps. String machine comes with two steel double clamps, awl and start clamp.

I was considering an electronic machine SP e-stringerbut I think a drop weight is constant pull and more accurate and does not need calibration. The clamps are easy to use and do a good job of holding the strings securely. I wish there was a convenient and trustworthy device for measuring the tension while stringing, Manul not sure of the accuracy of my Gamma gauge yet.

To get the proper tension, it gets a bit tedious to get the tensioner in the proper position, but the jaws hold well and the kliippermate is very stable. I noticed the other comment about the parts wearing out and not holding.

I have never even broken a string while stringing. I string only for myself and friends for free: Great stringer, great warranty, and very easy to use. Great deal for a beginner with a budget. Using this drop weight without a ratchet mechanism did not seem to be as difficult as I thought, I do not think a ratchet would have saved more than minutes.

As a result, I have had a few strings break on me before finishing the job. Excellent deal for the price. TOP Related Articles.



Yozshuzil Need to have factory replace floating clamps. For any regular player not to have one is a shame. I am going to save his money now. Klippermate Stringing Instructions Manual I taped the 2 mounting screws with masking tape to prevent string contact. It would be a good idea to watch someone use this equipment first. Let the person talk you through. My only complaint is that I mostly string racquetball racquets and the book is setup for tennis racquets which are strung in the opposite direction.


Klippermate Stringing Instructions Manual


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