Feel free to post questions or answers below the review. It is not well-suited for live performance, but has many features that make it the strongest for song composition and video performance. Here, the various looper stations are categorized and the price is tracked over time as indicated. The main function of the JamMan Stereo is looping.

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Good memory, and provides the option of backing up to your computer. Can store a massive 99 loops onboard, which can be easily recalled.

This is the older model JamMan, however, so it has fewer bells and whistles than the newer JamMan Stereo. You are certainly not alone. This leads to a lot of competition between the two pedals, and they are in many ways easily comparable. The manufacturing rivalry between Digitech and Boss does stand out, and they are similar in more ways than just appearances. In fact, both manufacturers offer us loopers with a lot of the same functions. The key to choosing between the two is simply to establish the differences and take your pick.

The layout of the original JamMan is straightforward, and an experienced looper will find it intuitive. For any new loopers, the manual will have you on your feet in no time. For general information on looping, click here. Memory To store your loops the JamMan gives you 99 locations, which are saved on a Compact Flash card. With the unit you get a MB card, which is good for around 24 minutes of recording time, but you can get cards of up to 2GB, which provide over six hours of storage time.

In addition to this, you can also connect to your computer via USB, and keep any important loops stored on your hard drive. A quick hold on the pedal will remove the last part you overdubbed. You can also use this as a phantom, one-off memory, to bring in a final extra layer when it is needed. Tapping the tempo is also vital if you want to play along with one of the pre-made rhythm sounds.

Built-In Drum Patterns The rhythm sections are basic, but the JamMan gives you nine options so you can pick something which at least suits the music. Once your loop is recorded, you can set whether you want it to play once, or to loop continuously. Because of the single play option, you can have sections of a song saved in different locations, set to play through once, and then move onto the next part when the first one comes to the end. Or you could set certain parts to loop, and the bridge, for example, to just play once.

Negatives In use, the JamMan is great for bedroom rocking, but you would need to buy additional footswitches for full live use. Although the sound is only in mono, the sound quality is good, and whilst there is a decrease in quality the more you overdub, this is only to be expected. Unfortunately, there have also been reports of loop corruption after the 4th or 5th overdub see Yahoo JamMan Discussion Group.

Another issue is that the outputs make it impossible to put the backing track through the PA and not your amp, which is certainly not ideal. The JamMan still faces familiar issues with not having full remote functionality, and some issues with sound, but is a good looper for what it can do.

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Digitech JamMan Stereo

Page 8: Quick Start Quick Start 1. Make Connections 1. Page 9 Quick Start 2. Page 10 Quick Start 4. Adjust the Recording Level Play your guitar or sing into the mic at the level you will be recording. Page 11 Quick Start 6. Loop Level Knob Controls playback level of recorded loops.


Digitech JamMan Delay Looper/Phrase Sampler Review

You can combine delays and loops and keep everything in time. Expandable memory and USB connectivity. With Digitech and Boss leading the looper market, Digitech has a lot of hype to live up to with this new, feature-laden offering. Your first thought upon seeing the Digitech JamMan Delay is its monstrous size.

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