Malajas To reset the entire memory on the printer Note: Electrical shock from energized equipment can cause death. They can be set to high, low, or square wave outputs. Use Test and Service mode on the printer to print test labels, perform special procedures, and change select configuration commands. Each part on the list has an ID number corresponding to a callout on the illustration showing its location. International Character Sets The following tables show which hex codes to download for international characters not available in the U. Align only one outboard plate at a time either the upper or the lower to put the rollers back into factory inrermec.

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Akishakar Factory Default Settings Connecting the Printer to a Computer To operate as intended, the must be interfaced with a computer desktop or laptop PC, local area network, AS or similar mainframe with its serial port configured for the communications protocol appropriate to the computer interface.

Check the transformer and the main PCB. Use your index finger to adjust ; the label mark sensor. It is a pin D-style subminiature receptacle. Ensure that the media access door operates properly snaps firmly shut after the front bezel cover is installed. Based on the MC, the MC contains four peripheral modules: Use a positive number if you want the printer to feed the label a number of dot increments after it prints the label.

Printer is misfeeding media. Do not remove the motor plate or subplates. Quantity of labels or number of batches should be between 1 and Selecting too many image bands internec lead to print delay. Insert the new label mark sensor into the extrusion. U20 decodes these chip selects using address lines A16 and A Remove the media cover and locate the bias adjust screw.

It has 16 programmable channels that can be used to generate output waveforms or capture input signals. Also See for User manual — pages Getting started manual — 15 pages Quick start manual — 14 pages. Solution Clean the printhead.

The tear bar and tear bar support come loose when the outboard plate is removed. Using different width media, especially narrow media, can result in uneven contact or a spot where there is no media between the printhead and the platen roller. Ingermec circuit breaker tripped. Install the power cord and check the printer for proper operation. Discard the old E-ring. This interface can be used to put the processor into background mode and then send commands to read or write memory or register locations.

Print a software test configuration label to check the serial port settings. This sensor is located under the label pathway across from the platen roller.

Clean your printer regularly to maintain the quality of your labels and extend the life of your printer. Make sure you have correctly installed the aligned on label.

Maintenance Action and Interval Inspect the printer and the rest of the data collection system at every service visit. Use a power line monitor to test for outages. Virtually any label length can be accommodated due to the circular system of using image memory. It is adjustable from the inboard edge of the extrusion to one half of the paper path width toward the outboard edge. Error Interemc Most of the problems you may encounter cause the printer to send an error code to the host.

Checking the Printer Configuration Lntermec factory default settings for the printer are listed with the specifications in this chapter.

T Transmit Label Transmits the label taken sensor output back to the host. Printhead 57 mm 2. Clean the lower media guide with a lint-free cloth moistened in isopropyl inyermec. Replace the cable if necessary.

Using This Iintermec Preventive Maintenance Actions and Intervals Printer Component Printer Printhead Preventive maintenance consists primarily of scheduled cleanings, but also occassional performance checks and, possibly, adjustments based on those checks. Cleaning The Label Sensors A modified version of Code 39 that has 43 characters, utilizes the Modulus 43 check character, and reserves some character combinations for special usage.

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