This type of cloud is very extensive, both horizontally about 10 km in diameter and vertically up to 15 km. Its highly character- istic shape is often compared with the profile of an anvil of which it displays the upper and lower horizontal planes. In a typical storm cloud, the upper part, consisting of ice crystals, is normally positively charged, whilst the lower part, consisting of water droplets, is negatively charged. Conse- quently, the lower part of the cloud causes the development of electrically opposite charges i.

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From analysis to testing and data collection, to reports and recommendations. We collect on-site data, analyse and determine the level of risks of your installations and prioritize recommended improvement works. Our lightning audits can be integrated into your yearly plant shutdowns and maintenance time. Did you know Each square kilometer of land in Singapore can be struck up to 16 times annually. This makes us effectively one of the lightning capitals of the world.

In comparison, a watt bulb carries a current of about 0. The lightning strike created a hole the size of the football and required the attraction to be closed for a few days for repair work to be carried out.

As Singapore is exposed to the elements and inclement weather all year round, stringent codes for lightning protection are enforced.

Most public places in Singapore are protected. Buildings, observation towers and other structures meant to house people must be shielded from lightning by law. Find out how to protect your installations, assets and most importantly human resources from the devastating effects of a lightning strike.


helita pulsar

Lightning Protection From project advice and queries to full lightning system installation, our dedicated lightning protection services team are here to help. Helita Pulsar 45 E. If you require any other information, please contact us using form located at the bottom of the page. Its effectiveness is guaranteed by the rapid formation and propagation of the upward leader, while reducing the development of space charges around the point.


Helita Pulsar Lightning Arrester, Conductor, Protector,Made in France

Made in France. Advantages of the Helita Pulsar SystemThe main advantage of utilising a Helita Pulsar lightning protection system is that it does not require a faraday cage system of roof tapes and down conductors but only requires an air terminal and the installation of 2 No. Down conductors, each terminating in an earth pit location with a collective Ohms reading of 10 Ohms or less. A major cost saving is made as there is no need for a network of roof tapes and down conductors and earth pit locations except those detailed above and provides major cost savings on the builders works on existing buildings. Mr Simon Stokes of Carbon Footprint states:"The Helita Pulsar system uses substantially less natural resources and consequently has a smaller carbon footprint than the Faraday Cage

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