Question: I want to know what includes in Palm reading report? Answer: You will get detailed palm reading report covering all aspects of life. Past, current and future predictions. Your palm lines and signs, nature, health, career, period, financial, marriage, children, travel, education, suitable gemstone, remedies and answer of your specific questions.

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Comments Methods of handprint Methods of taking handprints When a person becomes a professional or popular palmistry or people come to know that he also has experience of palmistry studies, some people want to know from him the future of their relatives who are in the local city Are not present.

In such a situation handprint of absent or distant people should be taken. Sometimes it happens that people from other cities or countries write letters and ask their future to a palmist and are unable to come themselves. In such a situation, handprint is also required from them. What is hand print? It is also called hand painting.

Such pictures, in which both the hands of a person are clearly visible and each line is closely known, are called the best and best hand paintings ie handprint. There are various methods of handprint capture, the main ones being as follows: — 1. Handprint made by ink or inkpad — Take any ordinary ink, apply it thoroughly on the whole hand, ie claws, and print it on a white paper. When placing your hands on the paper, you should apply strong and steady pressure on the force, so that each line becomes clear.

The printed inkpad can also be printed on the paper by placing a hand on it. This experiment can also be done using carbon paper. Handprint made by photograph — This is the best method of handprint capture. After examining each angle with a good camera, a close hand photo is taken, then a good picture comes in which all the lines and planets are revealed. If the picture size is 8 c 10, then the icing will be on the cake. Keep in mind when taking a picture of the handprint from the camera that the light is appropriate and the background is also simple.

If possible, apply a dark colored cloth. Handprint produced by the scanner This is also the best method. A scanner is an electronic device related to a computer. The image taken with the hand on the scanner goes into the memory of the computer and a floppy or CD can also be prepared. The image taken by this method can be clearly seen on the computer screen. You can also take a picture of this handprint on paper as needed.

Take care The name, address, occupation, date of birth, key questions must be written with the handprint. If there is any special event affecting life or there is a disease, then also mention it. Hand watching rules Nature runs the whole creation according to the rules, the sun rises on time and sets on time, night and day come out on time, schools, traffic, offices etc.

If there are no rules, then all this system collapses. Similarly, there are some rules of looking at the hands, if there are no rules, then the work of the palmist will also go awry. Here are the essential rules of hand viewing 1. It is necessary to have suitable lighting. While looking at the hands, one should first observe the size of the hands, such as the thickness, length, color and inclination of the hands. After that, the texture of the hand should be seen.

There are seven types of hands, the design of all hands is to be kept in mind that they are glazed, right-angled, small or big etc. They are small or big, leaning forward or backwards, soft or, hard or flattened. After making all these decisions, the lifeline should be studied as if the line is thick, island-rich, clean or incomplete and where is its origin.

The size, type, length or end of the brain line should also be seen. Then the fate line should be seen in the same way. Its thickness, depth, thinness, incompleteness, leaned on the brain, the heart One should also pay attention to the end of the line or directly on Saturn. Even without the planets, the knowledge of the palm line is incomplete, so it would be wrong to make an order without knowing the position of the planets.

For this, we have to see which planet is advanced, or suppressed, or where is its position. Then start the task of looking at the hand by remembering your presiding deity. The palm lines should always be seen from morning to afternoon, should try not to see the hand at night, the lighting arrangement is proper during the day. The light should be in the proper amount when looking at the hand Magnifying glass and pen should be adjacent. Which hand to see Both hands should be seen. If some symptoms are not apparent in the first hand, see Second Hand.

Self-reliant and right-handed men and women should always work with the right hand, and the dependent, disabled and left-handed men and women should always work with the left hand. Sachin Tendulkar often uses his left hand, his left hand has to be seen. Kiran Bedi is a powerful and self-reliant woman, it would be appropriate to see her right hand.

Do not get confused that it is okay to see the reverse hand of women, because they are Vama. While looking at the hands, firstly the type, color, fingers, thumb and nails of the hands should be seen. After that, the major hand lines and planets should be seen. Before giving details, remember your presiding deity. This memory increases the energy of confidence, perseverance and psychic powers. Look at each line, planet, sign and sign. Do not try to see the hand of a newborn, violent maniacs, and palmists who are mocking or drunken.

A palmist must necessarily be sensitive, empathetic and full of psychological qualities. Information that should shock a person should not be given immediately.

Most people inquire only about money, marriage, career, position, education, children, disease, lawsuit, property, family, affliction, sweet or illicit relations, love, job, happiness, sorrow etc. As much as possible, read different types of palmistry literature, this study enhances knowledge, skill and experience. Updated: November 11, — am.


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