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The Holy Spirit wants to begin a relationship with you right now. Lightstock Note: This article originally appeared in the September issue of Charisma magazine. It was three days before Christmas The sun was still rising on that cold, misty Toronto morning. Suddenly, He was there. The Holy Spirit entered my room. He was as real to me that morning as the magazine you are holding in your hand is to you. It changed the course of my life.

Tears of wonder and joy coursed down my cheeks as I opened the Scriptures and He gave me the answers to my questions. Get Spirit-filled content delivered right to your inbox! Click here to subscribe to our newsletter. It seemed that my room had been lifted into the hemisphere of heaven. I wanted to stay there forever. I had just turned 21, and this visitation was the best birthday or Christmas present I had ever received. In my room, it was pure joy.

Yes, it was unspeakable. Yes, it was full of glory! From that very moment, the Holy Spirit became alive in my life. He was no longer a distant "third person" of the Trinity. He was real. And now I want to share Him with you. The Holy Spirit was with me from the moment I asked Christ to come into my heart and become born again. Then came the time when I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I was "filled" with the Spirit and spoke in tongues. So many Christians receive that same experience and stop right there.

What He. What gets Him angry and what makes Him happy. The Lord used a Kathryn Kuhlman meeting to prepare me for what happened that unforgettable day in December But never once did Miss Kuhlman sit with me and tell me about the Holy Spirit.

Everything I learned was from Him. When I returned home from that meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I fell to my knees. Precious Holy Spirit, I want to know You. But from that day I have grown to know Him like a brother. Who He Is What makes someone a person? Is it the physical body? I think not. Are you looking at a person? What makes a person is not the body. Instead, the person is what comes out of the body. The Holy Spirit is a person.

He gets hurt. He has the ability to love and the ability to hate. He speaks, and He has His own will. But exactly who is He? He is the power of the Godhead—the power of the Trinity. What is His job? To understand the job of the Holy Spirit, we need to understand the work of the Father and the Son.

He has always been the one who says, "Let there be. Then, God the Holy Spirit brought the light. Let me illustrate it this way. If I asked you, "Please turn on the light," three forces would be involved.

First, I would be the one who gave the command. But finally, who brings on the light? It is not me, and it is not you. It is the power—the electricity—that produces light. The Holy Spirit is the power of the Father and of the Son. He is the one who brings into action the performance of the Son.

Yet He is a person. He has emotions that are expressed in a way unique among the Trinity. How could I forget the one who loved me and died for me? I cannot forget the Father nor the Son. And there are no selfish requests in fellowship—just friendship, love and communion.

My entire approach to prayer changed. I began to wait for the Holy Spirit before I prayed. I would say, "Precious Holy Spirit, would You now come and help me to pray? For so long, I struggled to understand the Bible. He revealed the Word to me. He used men from all walks of life, but every one of them was led by the Spirit.

Accompanied by the Spirit From my first encounter with the Holy Spirit, I began to know that He was the great teacher. But I still wanted to know who He is. He said to me, "When you hurt a child, he will stay away from you; when you love a child, he will be very close to you. I felt that He was gentle, yet mighty and powerful. Like a child, however, He wants to stay ever so close to those who love Him.

Wherever the parents go, the kids hang on and follow them. He stays close to those who love Him. How was it possible that the great evangelist Charles Finney could preach the gospel and people would be "slain under the power," confessing their sins? What was the power that fell when John Wesley opened his mouth to preach?

It was the person of the Holy Spirit that accompanied their ministry. What happened? When she left the meeting, it seemed as though the power of His presence attended her. Supper Can Wait! Day after day, hour after hour, I lifted my hands and said, "Precious Holy Spirit, would You come now and just talk to me? The joy of the Lord would fill me until I could contain no more.

He longed for my fellowship, too. Once, in England, I was staying in the home of a Christian family. My room was at the very top of the house. One evening, I was lost in the Spirit, having the greatest time in the world talking to Him.

The woman of the house called up, "Benny, supper is ready. Do You Recognize That Voice? When Jesus was on the earth and the disciples had a problem, to whom did they turn? They went to the Son, and He instructed them. But when Christ returned to the Father, they were not left alone. Jesus said to them: "The Holy Spirit will comfort you.

He will counsel you and will remind you of things I have told you. He will tell you about Me. They were in total friendship—working together for the Son. So rise and go down, and go with them, doubting nothing. Peter recognized the voice of the Holy Spirit. And that was the beginning of the gospel being preached to the Gentiles.


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