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I have just begun a fine art degree, and a big part of the course is figure drawing. Our tutors recommended some books for us to look up, but none of them were as good as this.

This book is truly fascinating, it starts with the skeleton, and builds layer upon layer. It covers everything from the skeleton, to muscles, balance, hands and feet, it also has a section on heads and faces and the clothed figure too.

There is a large section on drawing materials, and the different marks you can make using different mediums. This book is very informative, and very easy to understand. I would highly recommend it to anyone. As a former scientist and current art student, I found this blend of anatomy and drawing techniques to be incredibl pleasing.

I would recommend this book to other students and artists and anone who has an interest in form or anatomy. The original books were the way they were for a reason and smaller pages and thick spines can make for difficult reading. All too often, they look like the sort of bumper value nonsense someone else would buy for you and which just sits on the shelf taking up space. The Giovanni Civardi drawing books are a valuable resource, and there are a lot of them. This compilation includes seven, which would cost you the wrong side of sixty quid to buy individually.

So, what do you get? However, the selection is nicely thought-out and makes for a book that lives up to its own billing of being the complete guide. Drawing Techniques is a useful introduction. Giovanni always delivers with such detail and focus and offers tips and advice to achieve skill in drawing figures.

A great resource for any artist with numerous examples of work. Includes anatomical drawing, form, hatching, proportion, structure, perspective, foreshortening, poses, drapery, parts of the body and step-by-step examples. The format is small, the type is small, everything is in black and white and the contents are superb. While training to become a sculptor, portrait artist and illustrator at the Free Life-Study School of the Accademia di Brera, he also studied medicine and surgery.

For over a decade, he worked as an illustrator, producing commissions for newspapers, magazines and book covers. During frequent trips to France and Denmark, Civardi put on one-man exhibitions of this work and pursued his interest in studying the relationship between medical anatomy and the human form as depicted by the artist.


drawing human anatomy by Giovanni Civardi



Drawing Portraits: Faces and Figures (The Art of Drawing)


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