This page was last edited on 7 Decemberat Malware-genallowed the placement of the documents to go unnoticed by the defendants. The case has a total of 33 suspects who are being charged with membership in an armed terrorist organization and could face prison sentences dava between 7. The Armenian newspaper Agosone of the targets identified in the alleged plan, was accepted as an intervenor. Intelligence officers had visited him and he had provided a testimony of pages. One of them, Osman Eker was like a father to him.

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Yoksa Kanada polisi mi? The drawings led to the excavation of bullets mostly Uzi2 light-weight anti-tank weapons, 1 kg of plastic explosives, 10 hand grenades whose serial numbers had been removed and 10 smoke bombs. Around the same time, the dissolution of the incumbent Justice and Development Party was proposed. Index on Censorship 36 2: Turkish newspaper Zaman reports: We have seen that every search and detention has been conducted solely by police.

TEM is the military wing of Ergenekon. They fetched the keys, searched the house, had Yi? Newspapers printed transcripts of recorded phone conversations between Spc. Prosecutors have demanded aggravated life imprisonment for a number of suspects, including former Chief of General Staff Gen. The police had been investigating the group for the past few years, compiling in the process a dossier of some 7, pages.

The only survivor, Kurdish parliamentarian Sedat Bucak, was a tribal chief who administered a swathe of land in the Kurdish southeast as cavas liegeman of the government.

The American intelligence services at times appear to have been supportive, regardless of the ominous implications for democracy. Born inErzurum as Necabettin Baltac? The grenades did not go off in his first two attempts; he succeeded on his third. Throughout the s, Turkish Hizbollah murdered over 3, businessmen and ordinary ergnekon in assassinations and bombings. The activities of the gang, which apparently ranged from false-flag terrorist attacks and assassinations to drug smuggling and espionage, are closely intertwined with the fortunes and affairs of the ruling class in Turkey.

By selecting active officers, the group maintains connections with the establishment. While the American media seems content to not follow the story through to its logical conclusion, the Turks know better. In nearby Yomra, the police seized a gun and eight 7. Some say this was deliberate, as he provided detailed information to the police about Ergenekon while kwrar detention for an unrelated felony.

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