Contrariamente a lo que muchos autores del new age afirman, los mayas nunca han anunciado el fin del mundo C, por varios expertos. Sin embargo, el problema planteado por el momento, es a partir de a. C o en Volviendo al

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Neither are you. This is true for all of us, because we are living in The End Times. The reason why our creation narratives--from holy texts to evolutionary theory--are so weird and unconvincing, really, is because they are not true. Bad habit, not adjusted to an Apocalyptic Lifestyle. I worry that habits such as these shall anger the Anunnaki when they return, and they are coming soon.

Then, everyone will learn that the Anunaki actually created Adam and the roots of all our fabulous beliefs leave it up to us to do such a crappy job keeping the story straight!

Is this still a parenthetical? Oh, well here, then. For the sake of maintaining monotheism many of us see that as a God vs Human thing but the real dope is that it was fallout from a major deity-tiff between Enlil and Enki, two leaders of rival Anunnaki clans who let all their old simmering family resentments burst to the surface while on a trip far from home, as always happens. Why does Yahweh need a chair? OK so like you might be asking yourself How does Zecharia Sitchin know all this?

No he is not. He has solid sources: Enuma Elish: The Seven Tablets of the History of Creation except he translates from the original source which was written by people who were like almost right there and, uh, were you there? No you were not , Isaac Newton Sir to you , and others!

The ancient texts, when approached with correct interpretive strategies, reveal that the planet Tiamat collided with a "stray" one, creating our Earth and Moon. Do you realize that this scenario is commonly believed by many actual astronomers except for the Tiamat part?

The Anunnaki, you see, established a settlement here called E. DIN later corrupted into the unrecognizable "Eden" , visiting Earth not for curious, touristic, nor diplomatic reasons, but to get their hands on GOLD which they needed to powderize and pump into their upper atomosphere on Niburu to deal with global warming issues responsibly, unlike some other species I know.

Thus in our coriest of cores we attribute value where there is none and built a bogglingly complex econo-ecology upon this pre-installed value-template which is based upon the desires of a more powerful Other. Unfortunately, Mr. But name a Routledge book that has sold millions of copies and been translated into more than 25 languages.

OK then. Wait, was I just using value-rhetoric inherited genetically from the Anunnaki-created A. DAM in order to discredit intellectual opinion? Yes I was. You can just read The Bible! It uses the word Nephilim instead. So there. More background info covers Epic of Gilgamesh and identifies some of its enigmatic creatures as robots executing security functions.

Well sure. And who wants to pore over an index? We are relieved of that temptation. Oh look at the time. Gotta go.


El final de los tiempos

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Sitchin, Zecharia - El Final De Los Tiempos


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