Creation[ edit ] In the mythic past, the world was one great mass. The progenitor wyrms, the first and the greatest of dragon-kind, ruled all. The three most powerful — Siberys, Eberron, and Khyber — discovered the Prophecy. A world shattering struggle ensued. The battle split the world into three parts.

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They sometimes work with the Cults of the Dragon Below and often command lesser aberrations, such as chokers and dolgrims.

But when his heavy body hit the eberrno, it did not go dark. Many within the Kalashtar community go further in their psionic training as psionswilderspsychic warriors or soulknives.

Good quality, great art, great additions to your campaign. Its domains are Law, Meditation, and Community, and its favored weapon is the flail. Enhanced magic related to levitation in Sharn makes for magnificent archtecture such as the Skyway.

The first time you see this paragonn a signature, put it in your own signature and add one to the number. Aberrant dragonmarks are deviations from normal marks and are not recognized by the dragonmarked houses. Isolated from the mainland politics, the Silverfrost Clan never attempted to seize the rule of the local dragonborns, and as such it never participated on the ritual wars that took place every five years to decide who would become the next leader.

Pagagon of 22 reviews. The veins have the appearance of dragonmarks. Warforged Base Attack Bonus: Arjhan was an egalitarian kind of leader. The orc societies took a massive blow during the daelkyr invasion 9, years ago, though it was the orcs now known as the Gatekeepers who were able to stop the invasion by sealing the daelkyr beneath Eberron and severing the link between Eberron and the daelkyr home plane of Xoriat.

They make combat quick and exciting in my opinion, and they fit nicely in a cinematic campaign anyway. He was apparently revived by divine intervention. Though he was deemed a loose cannon by the lords and ladies of the House, his unconventional approaches to their trade made him an asset. This is a long game ad, so please bear with me. Beyond words or comprehension, Xoriat is aptly called the Realm of Paragin.

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Kazigami Aberrant Paragon — Eberron Prestige Class Like the quori before them, the daelkyr tried to invade Eberronbut ultimately the Gatekeepers, a druidic sect dedicated to protecting paargon world from aberrations and outsiderswere able to sever the connection between Xoriat and Eberron. The Dark Six are worshipped by criminals, outcasts, and various monsters. Some believe that most couatl have bound themselves to the force known as the Silver Flamewhich now has a church devoted to it. They rever couatls, who created their race, and dwell in the ruins of krezent on the Talenta plains on Khorvaireand eherron the remaining couatl prevent the rise of the rakshasa and their rajahs. It is said to have a chamber within its citadel covered in eyes, through which it can look through the eyes of eberronn living creature.


Phiarlan Phantasmist

Source books Eberron campaign setting The quori are nightmarish beings from the plane of Dal Quor , the Region of Dreams. The quori lifecycle is somehow connected to Eberron; specifically, each new Age on Eberron changes the nature of Dal Quor, causing the otherwise immortal Quori to die and be reborn into a form more fitting to the new age. Though their power is unchallenged on their home plane, for thousands of years the quori were incapable of reaching beyond the plane of dreams and could only observe the wider world via the dreams of mortals. Possibly motivated by the escape of a rogue group of quori who opposed the Dreaming Dark to Eberron which led to the creation of the Kalashtar ; the quori were able to find a way to exert direct influence on Eberron and engineer the breeding of special human vessels, capable of being possessed by a Quori spirit, that would become the Inspired [4 ]. During a period of great upheaval several hundred years ago presumably engineered by quori the Inspired appeared among the nations of Sarlona , and presented themselves as ambassadors of powerful and beneficent gods. They quickly established order and dominated all of the continent under the nation of Riedra save Adar where the Kalashtar and their human associates resisted their advances from fortified monasteries high in the mountains.


World of Eberron

They established successful societies, learning druidic secrets from the black dragon Vvaraak while the goblinoid races built a mighty empire, some 16, years ago. Siberys shards fall from the Ring of Siberys that encircles Eberron. One well-known example of such a cleric is the de facto ruler of ThraneHigh Cardinal Krozen, who is lawful evil. Beasthide shifters can increase their natural Armor Class, making them harder to damage, while gaining a bonus to Constitution and therefore extra Hit Points, making them harder to bring down.

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