You can use Speedball Speedclean, Screen Cleaner or even washing up liquid. Wash and rinse your screen well and then leave to dry. To coat your screen you will need photo emulsion, scoop coater, cold water and a spoon. The handle of the spoon is useful to ensure that you have reached all the sensitiser from the corners.

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Click here to add or update a review for this product. Was this review helpful? It seems to me that the emulsion when activated was much more sensitive to light than it was the last time I did this. Having used this before as part of a kit I suspect that I used too much sensitizer although I used the amount suggested when I bought the emulsion.

I would like to see instructions on the label or in the box for the new user. The best price on the internet! Easiest emulsion to use. Most of my screens are 14x16" and burn in min 18" away from two 75w bulbs. It takes a little longer if the screens are big. Perfect washout each time. Exposed it with a watt bulb 20 inches high for 10 minutes and comes out perfect every time. Will buy again. I had a halogen work light and guesstimated a 10 minute exposure at a 12 inch height.

Propped two sticks across a couple of crates and set the light face down on them. I washed the screen out in the kitchen sink with the rinser thingy. The thick parts of the emulsion took more rinsing to was out. It looks like a good stencil that will work.

Every time I go to make a new screen it takes me tries to get it to wash out correctly. Even when I use the proper exposure time with the same screen. I will definitely not be buying this emulsion again.


How to use Diazo Photo Emulsion

Download Step 5: Expose Your Screen, Then Rinse Your screen is tucked away somewhere cool and dark to dry, so the next step is setting up your exposure rig. A lightbox or light table, with several fluorescent bulbs set directly under a translucent piece of acrylic, allows for simpler set-up and shorter exposure times, but may take some experimentation to figure out what the correct exposure time should be. Depending on what light intensity you have coming out of the lightbox, your exposure time could be around 4 or 5 minutes. The setup I used for this project is just a W clear incandescent bulb in a socket with a long cord and reflector. Setup: Before taking your completely-dry screen out, get the rest of your exposure rig put together.


Speedball Diazo Photo Screen Printing Emulsions


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