Equip him with his Winged Saint weapon or save the queen upgrade for the improved Guard II ability ; your three active party members must have reached Role level 5 as Sentinels. This is useful if you forgot to change weapons, switch paradigms, etc. The first one can be found in the Southwest Corner of the main map, the Western Benchland. South of the pond, there is a peninsula where little birdlike characters mass around. At first this seems like an intimidating battle, considering that the enemies will summon characters making the battles very long.

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I also made sure that every treasure available is now listed in the walkthrough. For anything regarding this FAQ you can mail to: kingdomhearts33[at]hotmail[dot]com. Please do not add me to MSN. I will only answer questions asked by e-mail. If you have a questions, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions before sending an e-mail.

Your question might already be answered. I will not give permission to other sites to put this online. For the latest version, you can always check www. So when using this guide while playing a Japanese PS3, please note that X changes into Circle on every occasion.

Objects you can interact with, trigger a pop-up instruction and you can press the X-button to interact with these things. Choose the first to save, the second to shop, the third to upgrade and improve weapons and accessories and the last to go back to the game. In the shops you can buy various things. As you progress through the story, more shops will be available, and thus more items.

The upgrade option comes later in the game and is explained after the walkthrough. Save Stations are available almost every minutes of playing. People playing the Japanese game can still use this walkthrough with the use of this mini translation guide. It will not include the items because there are simply too many of them and most are a simple translation.

Below are only the translations that are completely different. Be sure to check it every once in a while to make sure you are up to date. Fill out the CS for members not participating in battle as well, because you never know when suddenly the party is changed and you find yourself with a party that is not leveled up properly.

Use this often to see the weaknesses for the enemies. Using Libra will fill out the? But I tried to make it as spoiler-free as possible. During this, you can view a tutorial on Active Time Battle.

Your choice if you want to see it or not. Battle explanations can also be found in this FAQ. So just attack it all the time and heal with potions if HP drops below And since characters are healed after each battle, you start the second fight with a full HP bar.

No need to worry if you accidentally select the wrong option, you can always change it to whatever you want in the settings menu at the bottom of the main menu.

It also contains the Enemy Intel. You now control Lightning, the main character of the game. Use the left stick to walk or run towards the yellow arrow and on the left you will find the first save station in the game.

At this point, you can only buy potions and phoenix down but they are costly and you wont really need them as the game provides you with enough to last for a while. The yellow arrow points in the direction where you should go.

It also shows blue dots which indicate friendly people or party members, and the red dots indicate enemies. To the bigger version of this map, select Map in the main menu. This indicates that you can jump up or down to the next area. Jump over the barrier. Continue on and take the stairs down to the road. Zigzag your way through the obstacles and take the stairs up again on the left.

Watch the scenery below and then on you go. Jump down at the end and go right. Its the bottom option in the commands menu at the bottom left of the battle screen. If you choose to follow the tutorial, you will be forced to use up one of your potions as an example.

Keep following the road. Keep walking straight into another movie. Which is the bar on the top right of the screen. After the battle the movie continues. There are more people here that have some things to say either listen to them or just continue on to jump into the next movie.

The other members are just there for support. Be wary of his heave attack that causes lots of damage. Once you get him in Stagger, the battle should be over pretty quick. Save Station. So to proceed, highjack the bikes at the end. Basically the same as the others at the moment.

Go on into the room which is behind your starting point. Treasure: 30 Gil. It also has the crashed bike in it. Then go back to the area with the save Station and go up the stairs. Go left, and another left. There is another treasure next to: [-] Zwerg Scandroid x3 Treasure: Iron Bangle Jump over the wreckage on the right of the broken hoverbike.

Treasure: Potion x2 Go down past the Save Station. Basically these give you an advantage in battle if you use them beforehand. Up ahead is a Save Station. Treasure: Potions x2 Follow the path. Left is the way out. If you can do without, I suggest just running past them. They are only slow undead zombies.

However you decide to proceed, you cannot avoid the fight with the Ghast. Snow now joins your party. They re-spawn after a while so be careful of that. Just beat the arms again when they return. In between attack the body and you should be fine.

As always when a chapter ends, you get the option to save. With Lightning, Snow and Vanille. The battle itself is not very hard, so you can experiment a bit with these roles. After the battle, new merchandise becomes available. Follow the road. Crystarium tutorial pops up. Which means you can finally use CP. And you get some to start with as well.


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – Cheats

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Gamerpic: Fang: Get the "Treasure Hunter" achievement. Hope: Get the "Instrument Of Change" achievement. Lightning: Get the "Superstar" achievement. Sazh: Get the "Loremaster" achievement. Serah: Get all achievements. Vanille: Get the "Instrument Of Faith" achievement.


Informacion Del Juego Final Fantasy Xiii-2 - Versiones Ps3


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