Re: My Cleric was turned into a Vampire.. Originally Posted by Le-vante 1 Will his alignment change too evil? This depends partly on how undead are treated in the setting ask the DM , which is tied to what is the exact nature of the negative energy plane NEP which powers undead. If the NEP is just another plane filled with energy that just happens to be harmful to most normal life not unlike the elemental plane of fire , then undead are not necessarily evil, and your cleric will likely retain his alignment. If on the other hand the NEP itself is evil, then all undead which draw from its power will be influenced by it, meaning your cleric should become evil Originally Posted by Le-vante 2 Will he loose the ability to cast Cure spells spontaniously?

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Please log in to add or reply to comments. The three chromatic dragons presented in this form have meshed really well into my campaigns and their flavor added to the Dragon Shaman class has added more diversity to how that class plays in my worlds as well.

I will await patiently until you can update with more. It has become my favorite class on a number of occasions. It just feels right and feels like a class that should always exist. Regardless of when you do manage to get the updates applied, I very much appreciate your work.

I wish I had more time to dedicate to working on my DMsGuild content to get more material out there. I am having a hard time finding stiff for my players to work with. Unless you simply mean wanting more dragons for them to interact with. What sort of content were you looking for? Version 2. New Metallics are definitely coming! I do have a community question; would people prefer the new dragons be introduced slowly over time so maybe one or two get added at a time or wait for all the new metallics to be introduced at once?

Metallics will be coming first with Draconomicon II. I can tell you that before Draconomicon II comes out there will be an edit to this pdf here, as I discovered a few spelling errors, mistakes in the statblocks Ancient Brown Dragon should have a burrow speed of 40 feet, for example , and I am currently re-working my Dragon Shaman as its own class instead of a Barbarian subclass.

Will we see either soon? Where did you get all the art from? I found one for 3. Both are purple in color. A true purple dragon is rare and is offspring of a Red and Blue dragon with a plasma breath weapon, please consider adding the true purple to this document and rename [ The author states that it is part 1 of a 3 part series in their Draconomicon product series.

The quality, presentation and layout is spectacular and highly professional.


Draconomicon (1990)



Draconomicon 2: Metallic Dragons: A 4th Edition D&D Supplement


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