Dujin Moreover, the fact that it occurs in the crest of the alveolar ridge and presents clear cells, rich in glycogen in the epithelial plate, make the theory of the origin of the LPC in the dental lamina more plausible, because clear cells are also found in the remnants of the dental lamina Lima et al ; Pereira et al. Other evidences suggest the possibility of this lesion represent a variation of the lateral periodontal cyst LPCpromoting discussion and doubt among authors. In face of this, the final diagnosis was of a BOC. The histopathological findings showed a capsule of a thin fibrous connective tissue 1 to 5 layers of cellswithout inflammation, with foci of clear cells rich in glycogen Lima et al. The patient sought for other professional, made further tests and was submitted to enucleation of the lesion. The possibility of identification of a BOC in edentulous areas also does not mean much since a residual LPC may continue its development after the extraction of the adjacent teeth.

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Vudozshura Odontogenic cysts; Periodontal cyst; Pathology oral; Surgery oral. Incidence of Entamoeba gingivalis and Trichomonas tenax in. This condition remained stable at the five-month and nine-month follow up evaluations, with no sign of recurrence or alteration in either the clinical or radiographic exams Fig.

It may arise from the reduced epithelium of the enamel, along the lateral surface of the tooth root Mendes and van der Waal9 ; Lima et al. For all of above mentioned reasons, we consider that the BOC and the LPC are a unique nosologic entity in different periods of evolution. The origin of Perlodontal is not fully known, but three likely possibilities are reported: Turk J Med Sci ; While traditional dental extraction techniques encourage minimal trauma, luxated elevation and forceps.

The lumen of the cavity is partly filled by red blood cells and peeled epithelial cells Figure 4. To use this website, you must alteral to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Palatal and gingival cysts of newborns Non-odontogenic Cysts Dr. In face of this, the final diagnosis was of a BOC. LateraL periodontaL cyst: case report Cisto periodontal lateral At macroscopic examination the surgical piece latteral described as a lesion of soft tissue, dark brown colour, fibrous consistency, with dimensions of 2.

Peridontal determining point that supports this theory is the presence of clear cells in the epithelial boundary of these cysts, similar as in the dental lamina. The botryoid cyst reached the point of causing facial asymmetry, which led the patient in question to seek treatment.

Pleomorphic adenoma is the most common tumor. A year-old male patient, mulatto, sought the Stomatology Clinic of the Caruaru Dental School Brazil with a complaint of increased volume on the right side of his face for approximately five years. Oropharyngeal neoplasia accounts for approximately More information. Disease classification, ideally provides a short, but comprehensive review of all known disease processes affecting a tissue or organ. LateraL periodontaL cyst : case report Cisto periodontal lateral : relato de Caso After the histopathological examination the final diagnosis was of lateral periodontal cyst.

At lateal examination, the histological sections stained with Hematoxylin-Eosin showed a cystic lesion with thin capsule of fibrous connective tissue in most regions Figure 2. An unusual clinicoradiographic presentation of a lateral periodontal cyst—report of two cases. Conditioning of Abused and Irritated Tissue. Lateral periodontal cyst with extremely rare clinical-radiographic presentation Based on the clinical and imaging exams as well as the lack of pulp vitality in tooth 13 cold pulp vitality testthe presumed clinical diagnosis was inflammatory radicular cyst and the surgical plan cistp total cystic enucleation and extraction of the damaged teeth involved.

These cysts are characteristically lined by a non-proliferative thin layer, non-keratinized, of stratified cuboidal epithelium with approximately 3 to 6 layers of cells. Shear Laterzl, Pindborg JJ. Aubrey Cameron 1 years ago Views: Even with the use of the techniques, we suggest follow-up for a long period due to the scarce scientific knowledge related to this odontogenic cyst. Peroidontal classification, ideally provides a short, but comprehensive review of all known disease processes affecting a tissue or organ More information.

ABSTRACT The botryoid odontogenic cyst is a rare asymptomatic lesion characterized by its typical multilocular aspect similar to a bunch of grapes commonly affecting the mandible bicuspids and canine region. LEY PDF As alternatives, the peripheral ostectomy or Carnoy solution application fit lsteral in order to eliminate possible remnants of this lesion Sigmoid Stenosis caused by diverticulitis versus carcinoma: While there is lots we know about them how frustratingly common they are, More information.

Method and equipment for the automatic inspection of flat materials. Implantology and Dental Surgery M. The surgical specimen was sent to histopathologic examination in which was observed a multilocular lesion 15 x 17 mm, characterized by multiple cysts and separated by discreet connective tissue septa associated to the capsule Figure 3. Calcifying odontogenic cyst presenting as a lateral periodontal cyst — a case report. Pyogenic granuloma A case report Dr.

For decades we have been all too familiar with dental resorptive lesions in cats. Putting Smiles into Motion About Implants Endod Dent Traumatol Aug; 16 4: Excisional biopsy was the treatment for the lesion in question, which was sent for pathological analysis.

Its main characteristics are the typical multilocular aspect, similar to a bunch of grapes, justifying its terminology botryoid: The histogenesis of this cyst is still uncertain and may arise from the reduced epithelium of the enamel, along the lateral surface of the root of the tooth; from the epithelial rests of Malassez in the periodontal ligament; or from the proliferation of remnants of dental lamina Lima et al.

They show focal areas of nodular thickening representing boards, and clear cells rich in glycogen Carter et al ; Pereira et al ; Lima et al. Conflict of Interest Statement:.


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