Dedicated icon for Mold Component in the part specification tree. Plates are also customizable to create users plates. Users can access these catalogs, including many thousands configurations, and retrieve Standard Mold Base with their plates definition. They can also search those configurations and retrieve the appropriate ones thanks to a set of main parameters like Nomenclature, Mold Length and Width, Overhang value, etc.

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IMS Post Processors Mechanical Product Design It provides intuitive modeling products based on specifications for the design of solids, hybrid parts or sheet metal parts, assemblies and draftings.

It enables very fast and functional modeling with great time savings. Mechanical Product Creation MCE Finding ways to reduce design-to-manufacturing cycles is a key priority for industrial companies. An accurate virtual definition of mechanical products is the answer but sometimes its construction is time-consuming and design changes are complicated. Companies require a solution that is highly productive and flexible, without compromising design accuracy.

CATIA - Mechanical Product Creation provides the most complete and robust solution, tailored for any company that wants to make the difference by developing rapidly high-quality mechanical products with the highest productivity in design changes.

Customer benefits: High-quality design for all mechanical parts, resulting from strong partnerships with industry leaders from all industries Reduce time to design by enabling true concurrent engineering on complex parts Fast design changes by automatically adapting parts and products to new contexts Functional modeling: focus on what you want to model and not how to model it Fabricated Product Creation FPE Finding ways to reduce design-to-manufacturing cycles is a key priority for industrial companies.

Companies need to rapidly design standard-compliant sheet metal parts in 3D that are complex in addition to being ready-to-manufacture. Designers benefit from the already capitalized know-how and can take into account manufacturing constraints early in the design. In this way, they can create sheet metal parts that are fully compliant with company rules and standards for efficient manufacturing. Customer benefits: Fast and efficient design of sheet metal complex parts Easily apply company-defined standards to ensure design quality Create right-first-time sheet metal parts thanks to designing in context of the virtual product Take into account manufacturability constraints early in the design phase and speed up assembly design Molded Product Creation MPE The process of designing and creating molded parts is often time-consuming and inflexible, which is incompatible with accelerating market trends for a new design.

Companies need to be equipped with state-of-the-art and highly productive technologies to maintain a competitive edge. Customer benefits: Functional modeling: focus on what you want to model and not how to model it Cornerstone for real-time collaborative design Ensure "right the first time" molded parts design thus reducing the number of iterations with mold makers Concurrently design both the product and the associated tooling for molded and plastic parts Seamless collaboration across the extended enterprise Mold Tooling Creation MTE : Today, it is necessary for the tool manufacturers to design quickly and with the highest quality to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Therefore, the tool designer needs to maximize the automatic creation of tools to focus on value-added tasks. Included modules:.


CATIA V5 Tutorial

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Why Use CAD / CAM Services for Mold Design in CATIA V5


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