With this manual, users will be able to gain so many kinds of information related to the digital camera itself. Many kinds of information such as operation, manual, instruction, features, specifications, camera parts, and others will be well-provided here. So, for you who are dying for this information, you can refer to the manual below. All information related to this camera will be provided there for you as valuable reference.

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High Resolution Still Capture. New Its APS-C size sensor creates an effective 1. With the EOS Rebel T1i, analog to digital signal conversion is executed by a bit processor, which generates digital data with incredibly smooth tones. A feature that originally appeared in top-of-the-line pro digital SLR cameras, the bit conversion gives incredibly smooth transitions from light to dark colors with far less risk of "banding. Even JPEG files, which are always finished at 8-bits per channel, use the full bit conversion initially to generate the best possible color and tonal detail.

Sophisticated Still and Video Features. Shooting is at a frame rate of 30 fps when shooting SD or HD quality video x and x pixels, respectively and at a frame rate of 20 fps in Full HD x pixels recording. Playback modes are simple to access, and all Live View AF features can be used in shooting video.

A number of features enhance usability: an anti-reflective and water-repellant coating provides a clearer and more smudge-resistant surface and screen brightness can be adjusted in 7 steps in accordance with ambient light. Auto Lighting Optimizer for superior highlight-shadow control.

It can actually lighten dark areas of a scene while ensuring that bright areas maintain tonal detail. Sharp Results, No Matter the Light. Perfect Photographic Learning On the Go. Creative Auto goes a step beyond auto allowing control over frequently-changed settings. While basic settings are based on full automatic operation, shooting guides on the LCD screen enable you to make corrections based on simple to follow guidelines. In essence, with Creative Auto mode, you can learn about photography while taking stunning photographs.

Canon lenses employ advanced optical expertise and micron-precision engineering to deliver unprecedented performance in all facets of the photographic process. With Canon lenses, you can truly maximize the quality and performance of the EOS camera.

With E-TTL II, the exact same zone metering sensor used for measuring ambient light is also used for flash metering - giving even finer metering command of the image area.


Canon EOS REBEL T1 i/EOS 500D Instruction Manual



Canon REBEL T1I EOS 500D Quick Start Manual


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