Beschreibung bei Amazon Robert Pobi is an international bestselling novelist who has made a name for himself for his mystery thrillers. His bestselling novels have been published in more than fifteen languages in more than nineteen countries across the globe. Before he became an author he had been a dealer in Georgian antiques for more than thirteen years. He spends much of his time in Florida, Montreal and Northern California. In warm weather of fall and summer he loves to spend time in the country in his cabin where there is no television, Internet, or telephone service. When he needs to check email he heads out to a tiny town hall eight miles away, where he joins a gang of octogenarian smokers and gets some free Wi-Fi.

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Special Agent Jake Cole has come home after walking away from his abusive and alcoholic father twenty-eight years ago. His father, a talented painter now tortured by dementia, horribly maimed himself in a mysterious fire. Over the years, after battling his own demons, the anger and hatred Cole felt toward his father is now superseded by a numbing apathy. But as the only child to his widowed father, Cole feels it is his duty to attend to his affairs. The night Cole arrives at his childhood home, now full of garbage and scotch bottles, he receives a call from the local sheriff.

For Cole, this is a gut punch. His eidetic memory, commonly referred to as photographic memory, allows him to reconstruct three-dimensional crime scenes in his mind, and provides him with an unusual skill that can assist the overwhelmed small town police force. Everything about Agent Cole is unusual. He is a master at solving the puzzles left behind by murderers.

With demons lurking in the corners of his own mind, he can relate to and decipher the thoughts and intentions of the monsters he is trained to hunt down. It is both a blessing and a curse. With the storm pounding Montauk back to the stone age, Cole is desperately pursuing answers and the killer. It is a thrilling combination of events and puzzles and character drama that had me guessing up to the final haunting twist at the end. The author has also cleverly painted clues into the layers upon layers that make up the final picture.

There are puzzles within puzzles throughout the book. But his writing evokes clear images, whether of a graphic murder scene or a quiet moment between Cole and his wife. This is an incredible book that kept me thinking even after I finished. I hope it does well as the author definitely deserves kudos for his work. And, when he writes his next book, I will be in line ready to buy it.


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