Brat Will also cause as high water rate. Insert the two fixing screws into the sides of the chassis Fig. Lift the boiler over the support bracket and engage onto the top mznual Fig. Interrogate the issue to select the appropriate replacement part.

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To comply with the Water Byelaws your attention is drawn to the following installation requirements and notes IRN. IRN - See text of entry for installation requirements and notes. The filling method adopted must be in accordance with all relevant water supply bye-laws and use approved equipment. Your attention is drawn to: IRN and Byelaw 90 and Page 13 Site Requirements — page 13 Ventilation of Compartments Where the appliance is installed in a cupboard or compartment, no air vents are required.

Page Site Requirements Fig. This is available direct from Baxi Heating. The following guidelines indicate the general requirements for siting balanced flue terminals. The maximum permissible equivalent flue length is: 4 metres. Page 16 Site Requirements — page 16 7. The standard flue is suitable only for horizontal applications. Maximum permissible equivalent flue lengths are:- Horizontal 4.

NOTE: If the boiler is to be pre-plumbed, follow both these instructions and those on the boiler pack. Baxi Limited declare that no substances harmful to health are contained in the appliance or used during construction of the appliance. Lift the boiler using the lower edges of the combustion box. Lift the boiler over the support bracket and engage onto the top hooks Fig. Rear Flue: maximum wall thickness - mm Side Flue: maximum wall thickness - mm left or right If using the optional internal fitting kit, flue extension kit or elbows, refer to the instructions provided with the Page 21 Fit the circular flue trim outside if required, and if necessary fit a terminal guard see Section 7.

For information on vertical flues consult the Baxi Bahama Installer Guide or Notes for Guidance supplied with the vertical flue pack. Page 22 Installation — page 22 Making The Electrical Connections The electrical connections are on the left hand side of the unit. Undo the two screws securing the small cover and remove the cover Fig. Page 23 Fig. A cable clamp is provided for incoming cables. Electrical — page 24 Schematic Wiring Diagram Page 25 Electrical — page 25 Illustrated Wiring Diagram Page Commissioning The Boiler Open the cold feed to the boiler.

Open all hot water taps to purge the DHW system. Ensure that the filling loop is connected and open, then open the heating flow and return valves on the boiler. Page 27 If the system design requires an output other than this, proceed as described below.

Fit a pressure test gauge to the burner pressure test point Fig. Page Fitting The Outer Case Insert the two fixing screws into the sides of the chassis Fig.

Page Servicing The Boiler For reasons of safety and economy, it is recommended that the boiler is serviced annually. Page Changing Components Hazardous materials are not used in the construction of Baxi products, however reasonable care during service is recommended. Page 31 Undo the four screws securing the combustion box door and remove the door Fig. Page 32 Loosen the lower burner securing screws and remove the upper securing screws Fig.

Remove the burner Fig. Page 33 Page 34 A standard Grundfos UPS pump head is interchangeable see section Page 35 Remove the electrical connections from the sensor. Fit the new thermistor and reassemble in reverse order. Remove the electrical connections from the thermostat. Page 36 Drain the system at an appropriate low point. Disconnect the union between the valve and the discharge pipe. Page 37 Fit the new diverter valve actuator and reassemble in reverse order. Page 38 Undo the cold water inlet pipe nut.

Swivel the bend to gain access to the filter and flow regulator cartridge.


Baxi Bahama 100 Installation And Servicing Instructions



Baxi Boiler Manuals


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