Businesses have been launched and products have been created to help make them, shape them, display them, and decorate them. Cake Pops have become regulars at coffees shops, bakeries, birthdays, weddings and more. Dipping can be tricky to get on the first go. But through the last several years, I know one thing.

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Darling Duckling Sugar Cookies I knew the first time I tried this sugar cookie recipe back in January, that I would most definitely be making them again and again and again. And with Easter around the corner, I just had to give them a sweet spring-themed twist. Okay, let me be blunt. They are absolutely perfect plain. I know because I made several batches and I cannot stop eating them even without the frosting. In my previous post about these, I mentioned that I baked one batch with White Lily flour, a softer flour on the left above and another batch with King Arthur Flour on the right.

If you want to decorate these soft sugar cookies following the directions below, I would use King Arthur Flour because it yields cookies that were slightly thicker and smaller in diameter.

You can see the difference in the pics above. Therefore, they offered more support for the frosting and the proportions for decorating were better, too. Gently press the cookie into a small bowl filled with yellow sanding sugar. Rock slightly to coat and press the frosting into a pretty little mound. Use your hand to reshape if needed. Place two jumbo orange confetti sprinkles in position and open slightly for beaks. Press two orange sprinkles in position for feet.

I used Autumn Leaf Confetti Sprinkles, but you could also leave this step out. Note: Decorate one cookie at a time because once the frosting sits for a bit, it will be hard to get the sprinkles to attach through the sanding sugar barrier.

Place two black sugar pearls in position for eyes and two pink confetti sprinkles in position for cheeks. You can totally stop here or if you want to give them sweet little wings, keep going. The frosting will not stick easily to the surface of the sanding sugar. So… To pipe the wings and allow the butter cream to attach, use a toothpick to remove some of the sanding sugar frosting barrier.

Once removed, the frosting can be piped to the exposed frosting on the cookie and the wings will attach. Then gently sprinkle more sanding sugar over the wings to finish. Look how cute and cuddly.


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So the night before the signing, I worked on making her a little treat. I thought it would be nice to bring her something sweet to snack on while she signed away. I decided on cake balls. But, made them smaller than usual, so they could easily be eaten in one bite. I was right in the middle of finishing them when I received an unexpected invitation for dinner. They were going to dinner and invited me along. Ummm… decision time.


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