Whilst JS Bach could have used the Db major key for the pair, which would result in having to deal with 5b instead of 7 , the score requires us to think one semitone higher than C major. This is actually quite a healthy exercise, and it is not difficult to understand what is going once the many accidentals have been decoded. Here is an overview of the sections of the prelude: As we can see, the piece starts with 4x8 bars in a symmetric sequence of what can be called the thematic phrase of the prelude. From a harmonic perspective, there is nothing magic about what happens in this section: If the Prelude had been written in C major, the modulations would be from C maj to G maj, D min and A min.

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Prelude Think of a whole bar upbeat anacrusis before you play, like a conductor would do. Play it with shape. Follow the natural contours of the line. Start soft, a little crescendo to the top and then decrescendo back to the bottom because the music naturally rises high then comes down. Play the left hand leaps Portato, like a Cello bowing each note. Avoid legato, it sounds like riding a horse. Also,I would hold those bass notes a little longer so that it forms the harmonic foundations of the piece.

You need to hold it a little longer. Play the first bar of the right hand legato, but then point out the top notes right hand bar 2 like a harpsichord.

Play lighter and slightly faster and shape it. Bar 7: Emphasize the tied note, but avoid an accent. Bars There are many chromatic notes. Bars Bring out the top notes of the right hand and left hand. They are important harmony notes. Also note that this section is grouped in couplets 2 bars.

Bar Hold the G bass slightly and feel the climatic harmony of the ascending 7th chord. Bar Note that there is no fermata on the final chord. Instead, take a short breath, and jump right into the fugue. Fugue Bar Articulate it like this: Bar Hold onto the pedal points eg. E and A in bar Use terrace dynamics for the descending sequence. Bar Help yourself with a bit of pedal. Pedal in between the gaps. Bar Keep the right hand short, not legato. Bars Take caution — the sequences are very similar.

Bar 35 onwards: It is climatic. Also bring out the bass pedal notes. Bar Play those sequences using terrace dynamics block dynamics. Bar Keep the left hand notes short! Lean on that a little more. Also, keep the right hand notes short.


Bach: Prelude & Fugue BWV 848 No. 3 in C-sharp Major



Bach : Prelude and Fugue No.3 C# major, BWV 848



Prelude and Fugue in C-sharp major, BWV 848


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