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Our art template system is built using SVG. As much as unique pieces of Artwork can be created in about 20 minutes, Altsoft XML2PDF satisfies our needs completely and is one of the cornerstones of our system. The integration was simple, barely 3 lines of code to get it working.

Altsoft support has always been top-notch. Our issues are resolved quickly. The data in the program has an XML representation, while PDF output is used to include these reports as part of a quote package for customers.

Integration was straight-forward, and the support staff was helpful and responsive. Altsoft XML2PDF saved us a good deal of programming and in the future it will be much easier to make changes and enhancements. Integration was very straightforward and the documentation was very well written. Our software, called Organice Transmit, supports the document-issuing process which is widely used in the construction industry.

Organice Transmit automatically creates transmittals as XML documents that must be stored in Sharepoint in a non-editable format and should be easily viewed. The integration took only a few minutes. The integration was easy; the Altsoft support was prompt and we quickly resolved all the issues. What we encountered was easy layout and hassle-free maintenance and modification of the PDF output.

XML2PDF is a ready-made practical solution that can be easily implemented in any existing piece of software in a simple, neat and time-efficient way.


AltSoftSerial Library

Tern Manually locating the executable. Searching from the elements pane. Altsoft Xml2PDF First page — use first page of the background document as background for all pages of the output document All pages — use subsequent pages of the background document for the corresponding pages of the formatted document Protected Specifies whether the resulting PDF document should be password protected supported only for PDF output format User password The password required to open the protected document, or empty if there is no open password Owner password The password required to unlock the document protection Allow modification Specifies whether the protected document can be modified Allow extraction Specifies whether text and images can be extracted from the protected document Allow printing Specifies whether printing the protected document is allowed Allow high-quality printing Specifies whether high quality printing dpi and higher of the protected document is allowed. XSL formatting objects — Java.


Yet another alternate software serial exists for only Arduino Uno , using timer2 and pins 3 and 4. Only one AltSoftSerial can be used, with the fixed pin assignments shown above. This works the same as Serial. If nothing has been received, -1 is returned. Most libraries, HardwareSerial, and the millis timekeeping interrupt are designed to minimize CPU time spend executing interrupts or accessing data with interrupts disabled. However, some libraries may disable interrupts for longer than 1 bit time.





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