Couplings ordered by complete assembly part numbers will be supplied by halves. For special packaging, contact Eaton. Actual dimensions may vary from those shown. Coupling Identification Generally, the coupling series or complete part number will be stenciled on the coupling body.

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From traditional industry standards to custom couplings for the next generation of emerging markets and new advanced technologies, Eaton continues to provide quick disconnect coupling solutions to meet your demands. Custom Design Capability — One Application at a Time Eaton continues the tradition of developing custom quick disconnect couplings for customers that need a product to perform above and beyond industry standards.

Contact Eaton to see how our dedicated and experienced design engineering team will work with you to develop a quick disconnect coupling solution. Expanding the Product Line The FD31, FD83, FD, FD96 and FD99 series quick disconnect coupling product lines provide Eaton customers with high performing fluid power solutions for traditional applications in the agriculture, construction, industrial and on-highway markets while expanding into new markets with customized solutions.

The expanded line of quick disconnect couplings provide application solutions for electronic cooling and thermal management, off-shore and land based oil exploration, pharmaceutical, marine, chemical processing, hydraulic jack, portable ram, and mining applications. Most of the aforementioned couplings exhibit increased pressures and more extensive fluid compatibility options in order to operate in more complex applications.

These couplings compliment our complete line of products that meet or exceed industry standards. Available at www. How to Order.

Industry Applications. Safety Information. Fluid Compatibility. FD Enerpac Interchange. FD 10, psi Water Blast. Eaton Quick Disconnects are available in traditional fluid power applications while expanding into new sustainable next generation markets.

Increased pressures, fluid compatibility options and improved performance highlight the Eaton Quick Disconnect Coupling product line. For special packaging, contact Eaton. Standard coupling part numbers are described below. Actual dimensions may vary from those shown.

Coupling Identification Generally, the coupling series or complete part number will be stenciled on the coupling body. Construction Caution: The user should carefully observe the precautions listed in this catalog. These include selection of seals and body materials for fluid compatibility and recommendations on the selection of quick disconnect couplings. In addition, care should be taken not to exceed the maximum operating pressures listed for each coupling size and type shown in the physical characteristics table for each coupling.

Because of possible variations in machining tolerances, quality control, inspection and quality assurance, Eaton coupling halves should not be used with coupling halves supplied by other manufacturers except where such use is approved for a particular coupling as noted in this catalog or specifically by Eaton.

The scope of this safety bulletin is to warn against improper selection, use, installation, etc. It is the sole responsibility of the user to select and determine that the Eaton product is compatible with the end use application. The user is responsible for reading and following this safety bulletin as well as any instructions or literature on the Eaton product being used. The user must provide necessary product warnings for Eaton couplings products, used with systems or equipment, to the operators of the systems or equipment.

Ensure that the maximum operating pressure of the system or equipment does not exceed the rated operating pressure of the Eaton coupling product or rupture may result. Verify that all components seals, metals, etc. Ensure that the maximum operating temperature of the system or equipment does not exceed the rated operating temperature of the Eaton coupling product including seals or rupture may result.

Use properly sized couplings such that there is not a large pressure drop across them thus avoiding system damage due to excessive heat generation or failure of internal components.

Use sleeve locks or threaded couplings where there is the possibility of accidental disconnection. Failure to utilize sleeve locks or threaded couplings in these applications may result in hose whip, expelled components, high speed fluid discharge, system damage, or leakage of fluids which may be flammable, toxic, at extreme temperatures, or otherwise harmful. Ensure that Eaton couplings are compatible with the surrounding environment.

The surrounding environment may be heat, salt water, moisture, chemicals, and the like. Avoid any external loads such as side loads, tensile loads, vibration, etc. Ensure you have the correct part number, function test the coupling by connecting it with a mating half.

The function test should result in smooth, non-binding operation or premature failure may result. Use end caps and plugs to reduce the risk of system contamination or damage to critical sealing surfaces. Failure to do so may result in leakage of fluids which may be flammable, toxic, at extreme temperatures, or otherwise harmful. Caps and plugs are not a secondary seal unless explicitly noted. Place Eaton couplings in a safe location such as not to expose the user to personal injury slippage, tripping, falling, etc.

A maintenance schedule should be put in place to ensure that Eaton couplings are functioning properly. Visually inspect to ensure that there is no leakage, cracked components, corrosion build-up, contamination build-up, wear, etc. If any abnormality is encountered, the coupling should be replaced immediately. It is intended for use with Eaton couplings and should not be used to determine compatibility for other products. It is intended as a guide only and is not a guarantee.

Final selection of the proper seal or material of metal components is further dependent on many factors including pressure, fluid and ambient temperature, concentration, duration of exposure, etc. How to Use the Chart 1. Both the elastomer and the metal must be considered when determining suitability of combination for a coupling.

Locate the fluid to be conveyed and determine the suitability of the elastomeric and metal components according to the resistance rating shown for each. Dimensional and operation specifications for each coupling can be found on the catalog pages. Information on seal options for couplings, and how to specify them, are shown in the respective sections of this catalog. Be sure to check the table below for maximum operating temperature range of the elastomer desired.

For further details on the products shown in this catalog, and their applications, consult your Eaton Sales Representative or Eaton Technical Support.

Coupling component materials may differ from body material. Refer to specific catalog pages. Both indicate satisfactory service.


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