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Aug 01, Syl Sabastian rated it it was amazing We read and we read, and then, we encounter, well, A Separate Reality. Much depends on how we read. To read this powerful and transformative We read and we read, and then, we encounter, well, A Separate Reality.

To read this powerful and transformative work we have to DO much. Such as set aside our habits, including the habit of reading. Not only who we are, but our entire conception of ourselves and which world we live in. We have to set aside our continuity, a difficult challenge for many, unhook from our conformity, our cosiness and indulgences. Discarding our habits-of-perception and our assumptions of focus is another.

We have to perceive past the obvious and pay close Attention to that which requires no faith or belief, no external agents to implement, and in these pages we can find such power. Too many get lost in the indulgence of connecting to the drug-story lure, which is immaterial to the magic of this book. Or they unnecessarily sideline themselves by needlessly debating whether Don Juan is real or not.

What does it matter where a self-evident Value comes from? Only you have that particular power, since you and you alone, are the Final-Arbiter-of-Truth.

When we discern the wisdom and conceptualising genius so abundant in A Separate Reality we encounter a treasure trove of Life-Change. Such a potential is gifted us in this monumental work if we can see past the tests-of-self which are part of this challenge-of-being. We have to look at the real power, which is the presentation of new conceptions of what it means to BE. Ways-of-Being which are distinct, new, foreign, even alien, yet attainable. Simple but complex, such as relinquishing the seduction of self-importance.

We are not merely informed this may be valuable, the usefulness of this life-transformation is amply demonstrated for us by that marvellous example of Impeccability, Don Juan. Once we grasp this as an actual potential actuality, we begin a Path where his Way-of-Being becomes our model, or standard, our code, our sensibility, and default measure for our Impeccability.

If we simply ask ourselves how Don Juan would behave in whatever circumstance we find ourselves in, we have a fantastic self-leverage which is powerful and transformative.

If we connect to Don Juan not for his magical powers, but to his essential Character-of-Self, we connect to his ethics, his integrity, his Joy-of-Being and all the other marvellous examples of a self we can move toward being. If we read this book in this way, well, it becomes much more than reading.

Such is the nature of this mind-bloom. Along with its extension, A Journey to Ixtlan. To be sure, one can find all the conceptions and ideas elsewhere, however, not so compacted and cohesive, not presented as an example in practice, and also not in the excellent resonating language of Don Juan.


A Separate Reality Quotes

Throughout the novel, Matus attempts to get the author learn how to "see," the process of "perceiving energy directly as it flows through the universe". Ben described the book as really good, stating that he had read it twice. However, Castaneda insists the works are non-fiction. The fibers of these "eggs" assemble reality, but the average person does not realize they are there. The shaman or warrior is able to enter the "eggs" of others and to transcend bodily death by dissolving himself into the luminous fibers of the egg. Eggtown Dreaming - this is the easiest way to communicate with higher consciousness.


A Separate Reality




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