36.331 3GPP SPEC PDF

Propagation conditions are set according to Annex B. Specification has been successfully withdrawn. Short MAC information element Figure 9. Himke Van der Velde. Message types for EPS mobility management Table 9. Languages Deutsch Svenska Edit links.

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Is there any easy solution for this? PDN address information element Figure 9. Now this part has become so complicated. EMM cause information element Figure 9. Service type information element Table 9. Pick a specific area where you are specially interested in and make a list of additional specification and define the relationship among those specification.

Provisioning of IP-based multimedia services. PDN type information element Table 9. Enhanced downlink control channel s for LTE Advanced. Measure the mean power of the UE in the channel bandwidth of the radio access mode.

The major functions of the RRC protocol include connection establishment and release functions, broadcast of system information, radio bearer establishment, reconfiguration and release, RRC connection mobility procedures, paging notification and release and outer loop power control. Message types for EPS mobility management Table 9. Himke Van der Velde. EPS quality of service information element Figure 9.

Remarks 1 Creation date Author Remark. SS Code information element Table 9. To maintain the compatibility Specifications for UE sppec Testing.

If you want to know the protocol sequence during the test case execution, you have to refer to TS Network Improvements for Machine-Type Communications. Specification has been successfully withdrawn. CLI information element Figure 9. Deleted — Core part: So you download and open the specification AA. If you have something about which you have no idea of what are talking about, you would ask somebody else for explanation. LCS client identity information element Table 9. CLI information element Table 9.

List of mobile phone generations. But dpec you got into this area, you would never survive without being familiar with this documents and struggling with them. QoS Related — TS.


36.331 3GPP SPEC PDF

ESM information transfer flag information element Figure 9. No records to display. Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Service. ESM message container information element Table 9. Tracking area identity list information element Figure 9. Message contents are defined in clause6. Different operators have different configurations for the inactivity timers, which leads to differences in energy consumption.


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